We are constantly working on the development of new accessories for the use of Reboard. This is a brief description of the accessories that we currently have available, and some possible uses:

For all accessories, download our PDF catalog
Plastic Screws

  • 30mm and 55 mm
  • Variety of colors available
  • Head diameter 13mm
  • Pack: 500 pieces
Plastic Screws with Washer

  • It can be used as a hinge
  • Individually to hang posters
  • Screw Size 70mm (17mm head)
Re-board Plastic Screws with Washers
Phillips Star Screwdriver

  • Developed for Re-board screws
  • Do not break the screw head
  • 25 units per box
Phillips Star Screwdriver
90 ° Corner Cladding

  • To reboard 16mm
  • 59mm from the edge, 15mm thick
  • It is possible to reuse
  • Available in colors: Grey and transparent
  • Pack of 250
Re-board Fences
Re-board Plastic Edges

  • 10mm and 16mm, available in rolls of 50 mts
  • Great color availability
  • The colors in stock: white and black.
  • Oak, clear, red, gray, … on request.
  • Chance of colored contratipar
Re-board Plastic Edges
Plastic Profiles for Corners

  • To Re-board of 16 mm
  • 60 ° (for triangular totems) and 90 ° plastics.
Re-board Edge
Aluminum Profiles for Corners

  • For Re-board of 16mm
  • 90º
  • Abrasive protection “U” – Union partitions or finish singing.
  • Profiles to support printed on wall ceiling.
Reboard Aluminium Edge
Aluminum Finishes

  • To cover song of reboard 16mm (aluminum)
  • To cover song of reboard 30mm (black)
  • Specially designed to create wall panels connecting plates
Profiles for Sliding Panels

  • For Re-board of 16mm
  • Made of aluminum panels for the installation of RB 16mm prints, photos, murals, scrapbooks, …
  • Once placed on the wall, allows the replacement of the RB panels in seconds.
  • Length 3300 mm (span of 320mm)
  • Differentiation between frame (51,016) and lower (52,016)
Plastic Hooks

  • For placement on posters colgas where packaged products.
  • Hooks fiberglass polyamide.
  • Available in white and dark gray.
  • 140 and 200mm long.
Hinged Joints

  • For Re-board of 16mm
  • Union Plastic angles between 0 and 180 degrees.
  • Made of ABS + TPE.
  • 3200mm length.
Connecting Piece for Partial Cuts

  • To stabilize and strengthen a cut when you cut a panel to facilitate the transportation of furniture or display removed.
  • Grey and white colors.