We have completely overhauled the Re-board training course & put together a new, improved program. We have also established a Re-board training centre (RTC) in México, to serve the ever growing demand for Re-board training, design & technical support.

The Program

Below is a list of topics covered over the course of the training sessions. The program is a foundation course developed to aid converters & print houses in the conversion of Re-board in an effective manner using ‘Best Practices’, correct design features, equipment & accessories. It is also designed to familiarise sales personnel with Re-board, the unique selling features & range of potential applications.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Presentation of Stora Enso Re-board HQ & Re-board Training Centre
  • Typical Re-board Converting Equipment
  • Technical Description of Re-board & Selling Features
  • Re-board Accessories
  • Most frequently asked questions
  • Hands on Design, Print, Cut & Construction
  • Re-board case studies
  • Price calculation
  • Design Database
  • Post training, technical & design support, sampling
  • Q&A
  • Closing remarks

Training Cost

  • Cost per person = 1400 USD, paid in full & non-refundable.
  • Includes 1 day training.
  • Includes a USB with a selection of cutting files and images of projects made in Re-board
  • Includes transfer from hotel to RTC and from RTC to the Restaurant in Polanco area (close to the Hotel)
  • Includes Food & Drinks at the RTC.
  • Includes  dinner at a Restaurant close to the Hotel.
  • Does not include your flight to México.
  • Does not include your transfer from Benito Juarez International Airport to hotel
  • Does not include hotel room extras

Post Training Support

The RTC Mexico provides full post training support on a ‘Pay as you Need’ basis. As a partner, your Design & Technical enquiries will be handled by highly skilled RTC designers, technicians & sales team, supported by Stora Enso Re-board HQ.

  •  Firm quotes based on $130/hr for Design, Cutting files & Technical Support
  •  Able to assist or produce your initial Re-board orders

Pre-training requirements

To help the RTC prepare, we insist that the following basic information is provided when applying for training.

  • Full name & job title of participants (Ideal 2 people from a company, one from design/production & one from sales)
  • Full company name & address
  • List of printing & converting equipment
  • Name of software used if any
  • Main market segments, POP, Shop-fittings, Expo stands, Signage, Furniture, state others
  • Materials currently used
  • Re-board training, what is your expectation, what do you hope to achieve from the course?


Those interested in applying for the forthcoming training sessions kindly send your applications to:-

mariana@re-boardmexico.com also always copy Kieron Loy kieron.loy@storaenso.com

The RTC México is fully authorised & supported by Stora Enso Re-board HQ.


Training Center