Benefits of Re board

1. It is Ultra Lightweight

  • Easy to install and transport
  • Ability to store and reuse
  • Save on transport and labor
  • Re-board is at the end of the cardboard, so it offers the same features in terms of lightness and mobility.

2. Strength and Endurance

  • It can support up to 70 kg per square centimeter.
  • Due to its construction in the form of sandwich is achieved with a resistance material similar to wood.
  • This gives enormous stability to their stands and PLV.

3. Waterproof

  • You can place the structures on the outside ensuring complete waterproofing.
  • Because the methods of sealing structures and the fabrication of the material with aqueous queues.

4. Fire Retardant

  • On request Re-board can be fire retardant (classified C-s1, d0) so it can be used in exhibitions and fairs. It is also very favorable for use in interior design and furniture.

5. Protect the Environment

  • Re-board is a 100% recyclable. No product abiente dañido with medium is added to the paperboard during manufacture.
  • Used for manufacturing wood 4 times less than for the manufacture of a particle board or MDF.
  • Big companies want to use recyclable materials for their promotional campaigns, as these products are becoming more prevalent in areas such as interior design.

6. Machinable

  • By cutting, creasing and folding is possible to the way we want to Re-board. Ability to complete projects with a single material.
  • The design constraints are in the mind of dseñador, not in the material!!!

7. Surface Perfect for Printing

  • Its 2 sides are perfectamete plans and are coated with a special white coated paper for printing.
  • Ability to print photo quality.

8. Easy Assembly

  • Easy to assemble. The store employees are able to mount the structures themselves. It is not necessary skilled labor for mounting structures.
  • You do not need any machinery for assembly or disassembly and materials more durable structures.